I gave my Husband a Point and Shoot Film Camera | Autism Speaks

For the past 3 years, every time my husband, Hunter, goes somewhere different without me I hand him my point and shoot underwater film camera that he calls "his" and he shoots a roll of what he sees, how he sees it.  His humble personality, positive outlook on life and love for being outdoors clash in these wide shots that make the viewer feel small but remind them that the earth is far reaching and opportunities are endless. When I get his film back, I always seem to become memorized with his perspective of his adventures through his eye, each read to me as a quite breath in time. His photo of the city in a valley, the last photo in this blog post, is my favorite.

Hunter and I are excited to announce that he will be running the Chicago Marathon this October for Autism Speaks. We have a lot of exciting fundraisers we will be doing coming up so stay tuned and check out his print shop of his images where ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to Autism Speaks.


To purchase prints where all proceeds go to Autism Speaks, click this link: https://catiescottstudio.pixieset.com/autismspeaks/
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