That time my parents had a party for their dog | South Elgin, IL Film Photographer

Last summer my parent's pup, Gracie, ran away from home. For 9 days, family and friends drove around yelling her name in hopes she'd pop her head out of a bush and come galloping their way. It wasn't until a neighbor girl was watering an out of town friend's garden that Gracie was found cowering in a corner. When my mom got the phone call they dropped everything to reunite with their little fur baby. That following weekend my parents threw a "we found her" party to thank all those who helped search for her. It was a really special time to just soak in how awesome and diverse of a community that dogs can bring together.

If you too have a love for dogs check out my mom's Non-Profit, RunFurShelter, it's an annual 5k that takes place in South Elgin, IL. RFS has partnered with Salvation Army Golden Diners to provide food, shelter and medical necessities for our deserving companions in the Elgin area.

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